Power Charger

We've all been there at one point. You're out, busy and suddenly realise your mobile device is about to run out of battery power. Kensington never wants you to be without power again, and has an extensive lineup of products for laptops, smartphones and tablets designed for fast, safe charging in the car, at the airport, in a wall, or wherever there's an outlet you can tap.

  • KENSINGTON PowerBolt™ 3.4 Dual Fast Charge Car Charger with Micro USB Cable

    With the Kensington PowerBolt 3.4 Fast Charge you’ll arrive at your destination with a full charge, so you can get back to surfing the web, typing emails, checking Facebook, talking on the phone, etc.
  • KENSINGTON International Travel Adapter

    If you’re planning a trip abroad and need a way to charge your mobile devices, there’s no better answer than the Kensington International Travel Adapter. It’s the only adapter you’ll need for charging in almost any country.
  • KENSINGTON AbsolutePower™ 4.2 Dual Fast Charge

    Simultaneously charges two tablets or any two USB powered devices. The PowerWhiz® technology automatically recognises your device and provides the fastest safe charge whether it’s a tablet needing 2.1 Amps or a smartphone needing just 1.0 Amp.