Print Finishing Equipment

  • GBC Modular Series MP2500IX Punch

    Heavy-duty punch with Interchangeable dies. Features Three LED’s indicate ‘power on’, ‘correct die placement’ and ‘chip tray full warning’ and ergonomic vertical punch throat. Punches up to 16,000 sheets an hour and is quiet enough to use in office environments.
  • GBC AP-2 Ultra Punch

    The AP-2 Ultra automatic punch easily handles a wide variety of sheet sizes, punch styles, paper stocks and index tabs. It can easily punch intermixed index tabs and irregularly sized covers as well as coated, laminated, glossy, and heavier stocks. The electronic control panel enables the user to set the speed for each job.
  • GBC USP 13 Punch

    Excellent for high-volume applications, the USP 13 combines durability and high-speed productivity with versatility. Automatically feed, punch and stack complete books, including pre-collated index tabs, at an average of 80,000 sheets per hour. Die sets can be changed in seconds without tools. One operator can continuously load without interrupting operations.
  • GBC | KOMFI 620 os Laminator

    Developed with sophisticated technology and an eye on ease of operation, the 620 os is the industry’s “best-in-class” single-sided laminating system. With a semi automatic feeding system and integrated separator, this tabletop laminator is ideal for both color printers and offset press short runs. With a warm-up time of 5 minutes, an efficient setup procedure, and comprehensive capabilities, the 620 os easily and quickly improves the finished appearance and durability of narrow format prints.
  • GBC | KOMFI Delta 52 Laminator

    Compact automated laminator designed for medium and high volume orders up to B2 sheet format. Robust and reliable solution for on demand and commercial lamination, suitable for nonstop run. Delta 52 offers you the ability to change stock, size and film quickly. This one-sided highly cost competitive laminator is a compact fully integrated machine with a built in feeder and separator. It is suitable for shorter runs and offers highly professional and quality performances. The compact design, speed of 30m/min and ease of operation makes it the ideal machine to start in-house lamination and add flexibility to existing lamination facilities.
  • GBC | KOMFI Sagitta 76 Laminator

    Industrial automatic laminator designed for medium and high volume orders up to B1 sheet format. Robust and reliable solution for on-demand as well as commercial lamination. Working speed up to 50 m/min.
  • GBC | KOMFI Sirius 107 Laminator

    Industrial automatic laminator designed for high volume orders and large format prints up to B0 sheet format. Robust and reliable solution for commercial lamination. Suitable for non-stop run.